What’s your disaster recovery plan?


disaster-recovery-planDisaster recovery is often an area that doesn’t get as much planning and attention as it should. Most IT departments and smaller outsourcing firms are so busy constantly putting out fires, that the process of actually testing if the data can be recovered almost never happens. Another problem I see often is that the business owner usually has a completely different set of RPO’s (recovery point objectives) and RTO’s (Recovery Time Objectives) in mind than IT has. For most companies, the days of just doing 1 backup at the end of the business day just doesn’t cut it anymore. Staff expect their data to always be accessible, and when something happens to it, they expect to get a recent copy back fast. So what does all this mean, and what should you do as a business owner to make sure your companies most valuable asset (your data) is protected and recoverable when you need it most?

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